CIEBCIGNA International Expatriate Benefits
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The CIEB-HC tool (utilizing the CIEB module as a basis) includes content and criteria added that is based upon specific information related to acute care and long-term care settings for inpatients and/or long-term residents.
The key advantage of using the CignaLinks network is that it provides our globally mobile customers with an easy, administration-friendly process to accessing high quality local health care systems around the world," said Tim Blevins, Senior Director for Global Health Solutions, CIEB.
CIEB will contribute $15 million and the Arab International Bank will contribute rest.
It is a great honor to receive this distinguished award," said Andrew Kielty, President of CIEB.
For more than 30 years, CIEB has been the industry leader for providing benefits to global workers.
Using iTunes as well as other innovative communication channels and technologies demonstrates our commitment to continually enhancing the expatriate experience around the world and meeting the service needs of expatriates, business travelers and employers," said Kenneth Vaughan, senior vice president of CIEB.
El CIEB recibio en el periodo resenado tres subsidios (grants), uno para planificacion y dos para ejecucion de un programa que en sus lineamientos iniciales queria interpelar a tres grupos de destinatarios: cientificos latinoamericanos, administradores de instituciones de ciencia y tecnologia, y miembros actuales o futuros de comites de etica.
Throughout its existence, CIEB has been instrumental in promoting the dissemination of bioethical discourses and practices in the website www.
CIEB, a business unit of CIGNA International, is a leading provider of international benefits for expatriates, business travelers, and retirees abroad.
As one of the first expatriate benefit carriers on the international scene more than 30 years ago, CIEB offers experience and multinational presence to meet the daily challenges that international employers, employees and their families face.
El motivo que me llevo a incursionar en el Programa del CIEB fue porque en su ensenanza vincula la investigacion psicosocial, ambito en el que me desarrollo profesionalmente, con la etica y la bioetica.
CIEB offers access to a network of more than 90,000 global health care professionals, delivering unprecedented access to care worldwide.