CIEBACommittee on the Investment of Employee Benefit Assets (Association for Financial Professionals; Bethesda, MD)
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CIEBA aims to proactively demonstrate the vitality and success of the private retirement system to legislators, regulators and the public, so the occasional problem or abuse doesn't taint the entire system, she explains.
CIEBA is a nationally recognized forum for ERISA-governed corporate pension plan sponsors on fiduciary and investment matters.
CIEBA represents more than 110 of the nation's largest retirement funds.
He advised the CIEBA members to be so simplistic as to go to a dictionary and find out what a pension is.
CIEBA represents many of the nation's largest private sector retirement funds and its members manage almost $1.
Most CIEBA members -- 94% -- continue to offer both defined benefit and defined contribution plans to their employees.
The survey conducted in the spring of 2005 asked CIEBA members what effect pending reform proposal might have on: 1) their asset allocation decisions and 2) the provision of benefits to current and future workers.
The high level of contributions demonstrates that CIEBA member plan sponsors have a long-term commitment to meeting the benefit promises they have made and to the retirement security of millions of plan participants," said Kimberly G.
Under Kim's leadership, CIEBA will continue to serve as the voice of plan sponsors on important pension investment issues.
Forbes added, "Providing retirement security for workers is an important objective for CIEBA members.
This decision by CIEBA has given FEI the opportunity to rethink the appropriate mission for its benefits-related Technical Committees," said outgoing FEI chairman Fred Allardyce in a letter to CIBBA members.
Forbes noted that CIEBA agrees with Commissioner Scott O'Malia's public statement that the CFTC should provide these enhancements "before mandatory clearing becomes effective.