CIEDBCalifornia Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank
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However, findings from both the PWC study (PriceWatershouseCoopers, 2014) and the CIEDB provide evidence of pervasive threats emerging from the firm's own employees.
The international threat matrix associated with cyber espionage is also evident in data contained in the CIEDB.
In the CIEDB, a significant number of legal cases involving current employees also evidenced their acquisition of trade secretes through a combination of methods.
These findings may have emerged due to the fact that the majority of economic espionage/trade secret misappropriation activities in the CIEDB sample were committed by the current or former employees of victimized organizations.
Similar to findings from the CIEDB, Forrester reports significant breaches of corporate IT/information systems due to employee negligence or the implementation of malicious activities which are designed to access/misappropriate trade secrets.
Evident from analysis the CIEDB, most federal prosecutions of these activities (26.
A smaller number of prosecutions comprising the CIEDB (4.
4% of cases in the CIEDB consisted of legal action involving both the Economic Espionage Act (1996) and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (2006).
Data from the CIEDB also reveals that large numbers of trade secret misappropriation cases (24.
Two days following bond payment dates, the CIEDB can request the removal of any funds in the equity account, and thus the indenture, at which point they can be used for any lawful purpose of the CIEDB.