CIEDEGConferencia de Iglesias Evangélicas de Guatemala (Guatemala Conference of Evangelical Churches)
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An anonymous death threat left during the night at CONFREGUA's office in April 1994 condemned as a "active arm" of "the terrorist struggle of the URNG," the "pseudo-religious sectors which are acting as elements of tactical support for the plan of the URNG known as dialogue is struggle." The note specifically condemned CONFREGUA, the progressive Protestant organization CIEDEG, the ecumenical Campaign for Life and Peace, the new officially sanctioned Assembly of Civil Society, and related "social groups of the insurgency," including the popular organization CONAVIGUA and the Comunidades de Poblacion en Resistencia, formed by refugees who fled into clandestine camps in the mountains.
Its membership included representatives from the Catholic Church, the progressive Conference of Evangelical Churches of Guatemala (CIEDEG), the Episcopal Church, the Jewish community, and the Permanent Assembly of Christian Groups (APGC), which included members from a number of progressive grassroots organizations, both Catholic and Protestant.
The JVP's leadership included a co-presidency made up of the president of the Catholic Episcopal Conference (at that time, Bishop Quezada Toruno, who also headed the National Commission of Reconciliation), a bishop of the Episcopal Church (Right Reverend Armandon Guerra), and the Evangelical leader of CIEDEG (Reverend Vitalino Simalox).