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CIEECouncil on International Educational Exchange
CIEECalifornia Institute for Energy Efficiency
CIEECentro de Integração Escola-Empresa
CIEEChinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (est. 1934)
CIEECommercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency
CIEECertified Innovation Environment Engineer (trademark of eKnowledgeCenter)
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In support of the Girl Rising movement, CIEE is committed to meaningful change by creating educational scholarships for girls, seed grants for community development projects that address educational barriers, and college curriculum centered on development, education and women's rights.
Since 1947, CIEE has helped bring the world together through programs that foster mutual respect and understanding.
This shows the disparity between current practices and the CIEE goal of sending students to destinations less frequented by Americans and where English is not the first language.
This makes the CIEE goal of increasing the number of study abroad participants from under-represented academic fields such as these, all the more challenging.
The proposed model addresses these unsatisfied CIEE objectives.
Prior to the Seminar, CIEE worked closely with local high school principals, international program staff and university officials to select nearly 300 students from the top Chinese high schools in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
According to Elizabeth O'Neill, executive vice president for CIEE Asia, "The CIEE Recruitment Seminar in China represents a successful piece of a larger goal for CIEE China: to provide valuable resources for educational institutions and students in both the U.
Department of State and is administered through grants to non-profit partners, one of which is a consortium of organizations led by AYUSA Global Youth Exchange and includes Aspect, ASSE, CCI, CIEE, PIE and Youth For Understanding USA.
It has met every expectation we may have had about the building and then some," says Steve Trooboff, chief executive officer for CIEE.
New customers in the EMEA region included: -- Financial Services - Nurnberger Versicherung in Germany -- Healthcare - Santry Sports Clinic in Ireland -- Government - INAIL in Italy -- Defense - ESAT in France -- Technology - Softline in South Africa -- New customers in Brazil included: -- Education - CIEE -- Government - Receita Federal -- Manufacturing - Klin -- Manufacturing - Usina Santa Adelia -- Manufacturing - FOXCONN -- New customers in Asia-Pacific included: -- Financial Services - Daewoo Capital in Korea -- Government - Kobe Fukushi Shinko Kyokai in Japan -- Government - Office of the Prime Minister in Singapore -- Manufacturing - Westek Co.
CIEE was created in February 2005 with the purpose of setting a new standard for engineering education, emphasizing interdisciplinary areas, societal context, and leadership.