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CIEECouncil on International Educational Exchange
CIEECalifornia Institute for Energy Efficiency
CIEECentro de Integração Escola-Empresa
CIEEChinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (est. 1934)
CIEECommon Information Exchange Environment (US FEMA)
CIEECommercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency
CIEECertified Innovation Environment Engineer (trademark of eKnowledgeCenter)
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Es coordinadora de esta Area, miembro representante en el Consejo Academico de la FLACSO Argentina y directora del Centro de Estudios de CIEE Buenos Aires.
They include students associated with IITASOL, CIEE and others enrolled in various university departments.
Grafico 3--Agentes de integracao responsaveis pelos contratos de estagio dos estagiarios do curso de Secretariado Executivo da UNIOESTE IEL (Instituo Euvaldo Lodi) 0 Central de estagio 2 CIN (Centro de Integracao de Estudantes) 2 PROE--ACIT 15 CIEE (Centro de Integracao empresa-escola) 26 Unioeste 28 Fonte: Os autores (2011) Note: Table made from bar graph.
This shows the disparity between current practices and the CIEE goal of sending students to destinations less frequented by Americans and where English is not the first language.
As a stopgap when the job market that year turned sour, I successfully applied for a junior year abroad director position with the CIEE, having already gained experience as director of a study program in France (for Knox College in Besancon) during a leave of absence while still a graduate student.
Minority students demonstrating financial need and who have applied to a CIEE-administered study-abroad, work-abroad or international volunteer work-camp program; study-abroad applicants must submit CIEE program application, personal statement, recommendations and an official transcript.
Also from CIEE, don't miss Smart Vacations: The Traveler's Guide to Learning Adventures Abroad and Going Places: The High-School Student's Guide to Study, Travel and Adventure Abroad, not pictured.
PORTLAND, Maine -- For the first time ever, this past March CIEE China hosted admission representatives from four of the most prestigious universities in the U.
Spelman and the CIEE will cover up to 75 percent of each students costs.
At the 1993 CIEE Annual Conference, a serious effort was made to define the term.
Kate Watkins, now enrollment manager for CIEE, said her stay in Russia as an undergraduate matured her and broadened her understanding of a different culture.