CIEFCapillary Isoelectric Focusing
CIEFConseil International d'Études Francophones (Council of International Francophone Studies; Lafayette, LA)
CIEFComputational Intelligence in Economics and Finance (conference)
CIEFConstruction Industry Environmental Forum (Construction Industry Research and Information Association)
CIEFConsortium for Improvement in Erectile Function
CIEFCarrier Independent Exchange Facility
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The clear supernatant was used directly for CIEF or diluted twofold for HPLC.
The mobility of each Hb fraction in CIEF was expressed as a retention time, as for HPLC.
2], F, and Hb S (this last being the most common variant in our laboratory) was achieved by both CIEF and HPLC in <20 min and 15 min, respectively (Fig.
Financial Summary 2003 -- In the calendar year 2003, CIEF had income of $101,164, expenses of $5,743, scholarship disbursements of $57,000, and Roon Awards distributions of $4000.
Investment Funds -- The CIEF Trustees changed our fund manager to Vanguard.
The event featured an overview of Sidney Lauren's life and work, presentation of the donation, an acknowledgement of individual CIEF Sidney Lauren Memorial Scholarship recipients, and a demonstration of the new Sidney Lauren Online Learning Center.
An adjunct professor of chemical engineering at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY, he devoted many years to the CIEF.
The Roon Awards, established by the late Leo Roon and administered by the CIEF, are for the best technical papers entered in the Roon competition and submitted for presentation at Future-Coat
The NYSCT Board of Directors made a donation of $1,000 to the CIEF Honor and Remembrance Fund in memory of Mr.
Continued affiliation and interaction with local societies, councils, associations, and the CIEF
George Schmitz, president of CIEF, convened the annual meeting of the Stockholders of CIEF and presented a report on the status of the organization.
31, 2006, CIEF had income of $134,240, compared to $96,129 in 2005; an increase of $38,111 or 39.