CIEFCapillary Isoelectric Focusing
CIEFConseil International d'Études Francophones (Council of International Francophone Studies; Lafayette, LA)
CIEFComputational Intelligence in Economics and Finance (conference)
CIEFCommander's in Extremis Force (US Army)
CIEFConstruction Industry Environmental Forum (Construction Industry Research and Information Association)
CIEFConsortium for Improvement in Erectile Function
CIEFCapabilities Integration Enterprise Forum (US Army)
CIEFCarrier Independent Exchange Facility
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La prueba de CIEF fue llevada a cabo de acuerdo al metodo de Hillyer (22), con algunas modificaciones.
Capillary Electrophoresis Mode Analyte CZE CITP MEKC CGE CIEF Small ions X X Small molecules X X X Peptides X X X X X Proteins X X X X Oligonucleotides X X DNA X Source: Handbook of CE, James Landers
At the CIEF conference mentioned in footnote 3, someone remarked how ironic it was that, given her quarrel with Negritude's idyllic image of Africa, Maryse Conde in Segou paints a similar picture of Africa, one in which harmony and peace reign until Europe's intrusion destroys it.
In his service to the association, Quinn helped shape discussion on contributions to potential PaintPAC candidates and helped lead an executive-level task force on CIEF.
Capillary zone electrophoresis of intact Hbs and of globin chains, as well as the characterization of tryptic digests, has been reported by different groups [19-23], and several have recently shown that Hb separation can also be achieved by CIEF with various capillaries [21, 24-26].
She is the author of an essay on Assia Djebar published in the Fall 1994 issue of Women in French Studies and recently presented another paper on Djebar at the annual CIEF conference in Toulouse (1996).
Following Rawlins will be the CIEF presentation of the Sidney Lauren Memorial Award.
I have acted as Secretary for the CIEF meeting held in March, have acted as a member of the Publications Committee as well as the Editorial Review Board for the JOURNAL OF COATINGS TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH, and have participated in setting up the structure of AYEs (alternate year events), where to this point committee chairs have been selected, proposed timelines for events have been identified, and planning efforts are well underway.
The CIEF has been a generous contributor of scholarships to polymer science students for more than a quarter of a century, including many who graduated from USM.
Review of the Coatings Industry Education Foundation"--George Schmitz, CIEF
The new combined association will continue to provide staff and administrative support for the CIEF and to look for ways to help grow this important foundation.
The Roon Awards, established by the late Leo Roon and administered by the CIEF, are for the best technical papers entered in the Roon competition and submitted for presentation at Future-Coat