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(35.) Nazan Ciek, "Osmanli imparatorlugu ve Kuba ilijkilerinin Bajlangici," Osmanli imparatorlugu-Latin Amerika (Baslangig Donemi), (Ankara: Latin Amerika Calijmalari Arastirma ve Uygulama Merkezi Yayinlari, 2012), p.
Gabriel Ciek is the leader of Lakes State High Elections Committee.
The Sumbol Tidung, a Sebuku-originated subgroup, use the fricative consonants c and j, where s and d are used by the other Tidung subgroups (e.g., encaduy <Sumbol T.> / ensaduy <others>, 'to swim' lajum <Sumbol T.> / ladom <others>, 'sharp.' In Sarawak, the Sa'ban and the Tering also use c, in place of the s, j, d or k of neighboring dialects (e.g., bucak 'flower,' ciek, 'small,' etc., see Blust 1984:116-21).