CIELAPCanadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy
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In its conclusions, the CIELAP study highlights the "lack of meaningful policy direction given to the Authority," leaving the TSSA to effectively define its own mandate.
In part in response to the critiques contained in the 2000 Coroners' Jury and CIELAP reports on the TSSA, the MCCR/TSSA Administrative Agreement was amended in 2000 to include references to authority carrying out its delegation with the purpose of protecting "public safety, public health and environment.
CIELAP supports a context for nanotechnology policy that is based on an explicit recognition and endorsement of sustainable development, with all that implies for equally valuing both human well-being and the environment.
In the CIELAP workshop described above, one participant queried whether it was important to develop a policy on nanotechnology--or a policy process.
With few provisions for public participation, a poor institutional design (lead agencies having a mixture of promotional and regulatory roles), and significant weakening of the overarching statute (Canada Environmental Protection Act) it is difficult to believe that the public interest is being protected," says Sara Bjorkquist, CIELAP Project Officer and report co-author.
To be effective, CIELAP argues that Canada should identify a short list of the most pressing issues and develop objectives to address them.
CIELAP also calls upon Canada to commit more resources to the task of summit preparation.
Financing Residential Waste Diversion in Ontario (Toronto: CIELAP, 1992), p.
2] Strategy for Ontario: A Discussion Paper, has been published by CIELAP with the assistance of a 37-person multistakeholder advisory committee (made up of business, labour, consumer and environmental groups), and the Energy Research Group at Simon Fraser University.