CIEPCentre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques (French: International Center of Pedagogical Studies; Sèvres, France)
CIEPClingendael International Energy Programme (Netherlands)
CIEPCouncil on International Economic Policy
CIEPCairns International Education Providers (Australia)
CIEPChevron International Exploration and Production (Chevron Corporation)
CIEPCounter-Current Immuno-Electrophoresis
CIEPCounterintelligence Equipment Program
CIEPCounter Immune-Electro-Osmophoresis (microbiology)
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In reporting its survey, CIEP pointed out that the study "reflects a cold political election atmosphere, since some 74.
CIEP proposed to reorganize education, such as the Darcy Ribeiro (33) educational reform.
After 10 days, the 4 raccoon dogs remained RFAV DNA PCR positive in blood and CIEP positive in serum.
and negative aspects of CIEP generator use as the software has evolved.
AtlasInvest will sell its shareholding in Varo Energy to CIEP while Vitol will reduce its current stake to enable each party to own 50%.
The investment, to be made over the next three years via the CIEP fund, will allow newly-established Discover Exploration to take part in an immediate two-well, deep-water drilling programme in the Taranaki and Canterbury basins offshore New Zealand, as well as to bankroll an exploration programme offshore the Comoros, Carlyle noted.
CIEP, "Study: EU Energy Supply Security and Geopolitics", Clingendael International Energy Programme, La Haya (Holanda), 2004, 281p.
Garcia, "Steady-state frequency analysis of the "LLCresonant inverter for induction heating," in V IEEE International Power Electronics Congress Technical Proceedings, CIEP 96.
Experts from the CIEP flew in from France to address the seminar.
Ogni sezione si apre con un contributo dedicato allo stato dell'arte relativamente alla formazione dei docenti delle singole L2 e presenta poi osservazioni specifiche dai punti di vista delle Universita o degli Enti maggiormente impegnati nel settore, con particolare attenzione per le cinque maggiori lingue europee: Cambridge ESOL e British Council per l'inglese; per l'italiano le Universita per Stranieri di Siena e di Perugia e l'Universita di Venezia; l'Istituto Cervantes per lo spagnolo; il Goethe Institut e il caso delle SSIS italiane per il tedesco; il CIEP di Sevres e il dipartimento di didattica delle lingue moderne dell'Universita di Cambridge per il francese.
Articulo de reflexion dependiente de la investigacion "Dispositivos de produccion de subjetividades juveniles universitarias", del Departamento de Formacion Lasallista de la Universidad de La Salle, financiada por el Centro de Investigacion en Estudios Sociales, Educativos y Politicos, CIEP, de la misma universidad.