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CIESECenter for Improved Engineering and Science Education
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One of the activities on the excursion had been an investigation on which macroinvertebrates were in a water sample, part of our involvement with the Bucket Buddies Project (CIESE, 2014) on the health of the water catchment.
Finally, the planned citizen scientist work based on the Bucket Buddies Project (CIESE, 2014) could not be officially completed due to time constraints at the end of the unit.
The final evaluation report for the high-tech workforce project also found that CIESE had been "very successful" in providing participants with "knowledge and tools for integrating technology into their curriculum and instruction in ways that render those subjects more compelling to both teachers and their students." It was also reported that the project increased the incidence of "authentic learning through technology integration."
A familia CIESE foi criada a partir de dez codigos (Coordenacao; Competencias; Composicao--Conselhos; Composicao--MEC; Composicao--MS; Designacao; Finalidade; Nao remunerada; Provimento; Outros representantes).
Tres foram interministeriais (MS e MEC), destas, duas foram emitidas pelo MEC (se referem a CIESE) e uma pelo MS (referente aos criterios para adesao ao PSE para o ano de 2010).
* CIESE, Center for Improved Engineering & Science Education,
The course was taught by faculty at Stevens Institute of Technology's Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE), which over the past six years has directed a range of state and federally funded teacher professional development programs on the use of the Internet in education.
The content for the course was based on the past experiences of CIESE, and focuses on what it has defined as "unique and compelling" Internet applications in science education.
Since its inception in 1988, the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens has promoted the use of technology as a means to facilitate student learning and has conducted numerous workshops for teachers to help them learn how to integrate different types of technology into their curricula.
At Stevens Institute of Technology's Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE), we have been working with teachers, administrators, schools and districts for 10 years on the integration of technology into K-12 science and mathematics education.