CIESMInternational Commission for Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea
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Many exotic species have been recorded in the Mediterranean Sea (CIESM, Nicolay and Manoja 1983, Galil 2000, Ergev 2002, Mutlu 2002, Gofas and Zenetos 2003).
CIESM. International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea, http://www.
But it is also a sea of troubles, according to a study conducted by the International Center of Environmental Marine Science (CIESM) in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
CIESM, acting as a watchdog, is studying the effects of pollution and human overpopulation on marine animals such as the monk seal, once found in large numbers on the coasts of Spain, France, and Italy.
CIESM Congress, Istanbul,Turkey (online abstract copy-
Salps have the ability to increase in number in short periods of time by the use of a complex life cycle with an obligatory alternation of sexual and asexual generations, allowing them to make rapid use of resources when environmental conditions are favorable (Goy et al., 1989; CIESM, 2001; Molinero et al., 2005).