CIESSCoalition for Improved Education in South Shore (Chicago, IL)
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As to the contribution made by the CIESs, previous surveys (8,13) have indicated lack of coordination and low activity of these instances in the implementation of the Continuous Education policy in the states, suggesting that work is needed on their role of macro-regional articulation, starting with the configuration given to these committees.
From this point of view and in view of the scarcity of studies on the question, this paper analyzes the role of the CIESs in the development of the Continuous Education policies implemented by the State Health Authorities (SESs) of Brazil as a whole.
This is a multi-centric study with a qualitative-quantitative approach (14), the research scenario for which comprised the SESs and CIESs of Brazil.
The interviews were recorded and conducted by three researchers, with the help of a script which dealt with: identification of the CIESs; coordination with formative institutions; activities carried out; and financing.
This present survey identified the existence of CIESs at state and/or regional level in 88% of the SESs.
The managers stated that the CIESs are mostly coordinated by the representative of the body responsible for continuous education in the SESs, and have their own working dynamic, which is in line with the character that is expected of the CIESs, namely: permanent instances for the formulation and conduct of development of the State Continuous Health Education Policies (PEEPs) (20).
Among the duties mentioned we notice the following--all areas under responsibility of the Continuous Health Education sector: organizational assistance and coordination of the CIESs (77.8%); articulation and organization of the stages of the curriculum (74.1%); and training and qualification in specialized and technical/ professional courses (70.4%) (Table 2).