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CIFACounterintelligence Field Activity (US DoD)
CIFACenter for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty (Washington, DC)
CIFACentral Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (India)
CIFACommittee for Inland Fisheries of Africa (FAO regional organization)
CIFAUnité de Chimie des Interfaces
CIFACenter for Information Forensics and Assurance (New York State)
CIFACalifornia Inventory for Family Assessment
CIFACentro Internazionale Famiglie pro Adozione (Italian: International Center for Adoptive Families)
CIFACells In Frames Alliance
CIFACentre Interprofessionnel de Formations d'Apprentis (French: Interprofessionnel Apprentice Training Center)
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The objective was to "set up a new subsector within our financial services, by making Cyprus an alternative fund management jurisdiction within the EU," said Angelos Gregoriades, the president of CIFA, addressing the AGM.
2 percent to the GDP of the nation," CIFA while stressing on increasing investments in agricultural sector said in an official statement.
With respect to the measures CIFA shall take to help the sector adapt to the new reality, Gregoriades announced that a special technical committee has been created to prevent money-laundering, as well as a special technical committee for FinTech matters.
We have the hybrid mixer here, CIFA Energya E8 - E9, which can be run on electrical energy," he explains.
CIFA is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Co-operative Bank (LON:CPBB) and currently has about 55,000 clients and GBP1bn in funds under management.
CIFA is a Lebanese non-profit organization that focuses on the linkages between tourism and sustainable development.
The agreement required CIFA to reimburse GovWorks for the cost of the contract.
Breeder seed of Baraca is maintained by the Legumes Group of CIFA.
CIFA, moreover, has been given a domestic 'data mining' mission: figuring out a way to process massive sets of public records, intercepted communications, credit card accounts, etc.
If there is a mass disaster or a war grave discovery, the United Nations could ask CIFA to build a team to meet its needs.
The decision to honor Jim Hyatt was easy and unanimous by our board," said Khaled Habash, President of CIFA and President of Falcon Holdings, one of the largest franchise companies in the Church's system with 165 Church's Chicken restaurants.
The CIFA President also underlined the need for constant education and expertise to sustain the sector.