CIFARCanadian Institute for Advanced Research
CIFARCooperative Institute for Arctic Research
CIFARCalifornia Institute of Food and Agricultural Research
CIFARCanadian International Forestry Advisers Roster
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To test my second and third hypotheses, I obtain a country's minimum disclosure requirement from CIFAR following Francis et al.
Many of the international finance and accounting studies use the CIFAR index as a proxy for the amount of disclosure in a country.
CIFAR was established in 1982 as an independent not-for-profit corporation that supports networks of Canadian and international researchers who conduct long-term research on scientific, social and economic issues.
Consistent with the first hypothesis, financial information transparency (INFO), governance information transparency (GOV), the CIFAR index, and audit quality (AUDIT) are all positively related to capital allocation efficiency.
Another CIFAR "daughter program", Successful Societies, asks "What kinds of societies seem on average to produce the healthiest, happiest, and most productive populations, and why?
Acknowledgements: Fraser Mustard conceived and launched the CIFAR Program in Population Health from which this book (and much else) emerged.
5) The construction of the index is therefore similar to that of the CIFAR index.
In October 2005, the Ministry of Industry & Trade, the Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical associations CANAMEGA and CIFAR agreed to amend the prices of 16 drugs and, additionally, regulate the prices of 39 drugs.
CIFAR Senior Fellow Nikolaus Troje (Queen's University), a co-author on the paper, has shown in past research that depressed people move very differently than happy people.
The study was a collaboration that included CIFAR Senior Fellows Alessandro Forte (Universite du Quebec a Montreal) and Jerry Mitrovica (Harvard), and a former CIFAR-supported post-doctoral fellow Rob Moucha (Syracuse).
The CIFAR index represents the average number of ninety items included in the annual reports of a sample of domestic companies.