CIFASCredit Industry Fraud Avoidance System (UK; historical acronym of CIFAS - The UK's Fraud Prevention Service )
CIFASCertified International Financial Accounting Specialist
CIFASCouncil of International Federation of Advanced Studies (Rome, Italy)
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It costs PS25 for two years via, or call 0330 100 0180.
The findings show that being drawn into such criminality is not a problem limited to younger generations, Cifas said.
The Cifas study also highlighted an "alarming" 34 per cent rise in over-60s being used as money mules, suggesting the problem wasn't limited to younger generations.
UK-based mobile current-account provider, Monese, has said that it has become a member of CIFAS, a cross-sector, anti-fraud organisation.
Lady Barbara Judge, chair of Cifas, said: "There will always be more publicly available information about you if you run your own business compared to other individuals.
Statistics revealed by Cifas suggest 148,000 people have been victim to identity theft in the last year - and these figures have reportedly cost the economy an eye-watering [pounds sterling]193billion.
But of course, prevention is better than cure, so here are my tips to prevent identity fraud: Obtain Protective Registration with Cifas - the UK's independent fraud prevention service.
There were 638 confirmed cases of insider fraud recorded in 2013, an increase of 18 per cent on the previous year, according to prevention service CIFAS.
Fraud prevention service CIFAS revealed that millions of pounds had been stolen via insider fraud.
According to recent research from CIFAS, the UK Fraud Protection
These include integration with Google Maps, automated completion of fraud submissions to CIFAS and greater sharing of fraud intelligence and investigatory capabilities across multiple business units within an organisation.