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CIFECenter for Integrated Facility Engineering
CIFECentral Institute of Fisheries Education (India)
CIFECentre International de Formation Européenne
CIFECouncil for Independent Further Education (UK)
CIFEConference for Independent Further Education (est. 1973; London, UK)
CIFEComputational Intelligence for Financial Engineering
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En este sentido, y como se ha mencionado, los CIFE son los encargados de proporcionar la formacion que facilite esta labor.
Cursada en el Instituto Universitario Puebla en convenio con el Instituto CIFE y TED.
Ha sido producido dentro de su trabajo como Profesora Asociada del CIFE de la Universidad de los Andes, con la intencion de que sirva como parte del sustento teorico de los trabajos pedagogicos y de investigacion del grupo de investigacion "De las concepciones a las practicas pedagogicas", reconocido por Colciencias, que dirige.
The present article gives information about the findings of the third stage of a research project on academic fraud that has been conducted by the Centro de Investigacion y Formacion en Educacion, CIFE, from the Andes University, Bogota, with the purpose of developing interventions to fight it.
La propuesta del CIFE consiste en que el equipo de cada semestre disene de manera conjunta las sesiones y cuide permanentemente que los aprendizajes, valores, formas de ensenar-aprender y evaluar, en las tres secciones sean similares de manera que realmente se ofrezca el mismo curso para todos los estudiantes que lo toman durante el mismo semestre.
C'est un evenement organise par AH conseils, en partenariat avec l'ONTT, la CONNECT International, la Ftav, le CIFE et le groupe Louati.
Prior to announcing the award winner, CIFE and CDI jointly offered a one-day Executive Briefing on Stanford's campus to discuss ways that specific computer-based business methods can create new facilities with the greatest value for customers.
First as CIFE, then as UNICE, and now as BusinessEurope, a fraternity that stretches north and south, east and west from the Italian Confindustria, to the German BDI, to the Confederation for British Industry and, of course, to the Polish Lewiatan, which I know well.
Bricsnet provides state of the art technologies and its open environment and scalability is leading the way to a more efficient and accurate design process," stated Martin Fischer, director, CIFE (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering), Stanford University.
Ahsan Shah, a recent Ethica student from the US says, "I communicated with a number of Ethica CIFE students on LinkedIn and discovered that while all CIFE graduates praised the Ethica program highly and considered it an excellent investment for their careers, graduates from other programs kept sending me precautionary warnings about not being optimistic because too many doors hadn't been opened for them.
Tender notice number : CIFE Mumbai/36-14/17-18/Plan Equip/P/
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts for Lifts of CIFE Mumbai