CIFESACompañía Industrial de Cine Español, Sociedad Anónima
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Spanish director Florian Rey and his wife/leading lady Imperio Argentina did travel to Berlin in 1938 to make films with the recently formed Hispano-Film Produktion, a cooperative effort between the German UFA studios and the nationalist sympathizing Spanish production company, CIFESA.
He had held the same position in 1951, but was sacked the following year for awarding the category of 'interes nacional' to Jose AntonioNieves Conde's Surcos (1951) over Juan de Orduna's turgid CIFESA (Compania Industrial Film Espanol) biopic of Christopher Columbus, Alba de America (1951).
The decision to study art films and the auteurist tradition rather than say the "popular" films of the CIFESA Studio of the thirtie s and forties, or later star vehicles for Sara Montiel or Marisol, however, does not deny that "these topics are in their own way fascinating areas of enquiry and no value judgement is implied in their exclusion here" (4).
Por otro, tecnicos que venian de las productoras CEA y CIFESA y pasarian despues por la Seccion Cinematografica de FET y de las JONS antes de conformar la plantilla del DNC.