CIFMComputer Integrated Facilities Management
CIFMContinuous Improvement Focused Monitoring (various locations)
CIFMCortically Induced Fictive Mastication (stomatology)
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As with many other trade shows, the organizer of the CIFM has diversified the content by adding three feature zones in the International Hall, achieving higher degree of specialization as well to serve buyers who may be sourcing more than woodworking and furniture production equipment and materials.
The program at this year's CIFM included a series of targeted seminars that were divided into three forums.
So far, traditional CIFM vendors have been somewhat tentative about their support of the web.
According to a press release issued by CIFM, this ongoing research and development project will now focus on improving the mold coating practice and enhancing directional solidification in the casting, which proved to be more crucial with magnesium.
Morgan Global Liquidity, the short duration income investment of JPMAM has stood in front position of investment modernization in China functioning with CIFM.
Some products, like the CIFM RMB MMF, already exist in the market, but other options which cater to the requirements of institutional clients, are still quite limited.
As one of the first foreign bank subsidiaries incorporated in Beijing to have received the fund distribution license, LIB will begin by first offering the CIFM RMB Money Market Fund (CIFM RMB MMF)1 to its institutional and corporate investors.
In 2005, A-rated3 liquidity funds in China were pioneered with the launch of the CIFM RMB MMF.
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