CIFORCenter for International Forestry Research (Indonesia)
CIFORCouncil to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response
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We have identified two broad categories of adaptation measures for forest ecosystems," said Bruno Locatelli, a CIFOR scientist and lead author of the report.
The indirect, forest-protecting macroeconomic effects oil wealth brings greatly outweigh the direct negative impacts associated with oil production and mining,'' CIFOR said.
CIFOR Director General, Frances Seymour, said that Indonesia is losing 1.
I would like to thank CIFOR for their hard work and for this vital contribution toward food safety reform," said HHS Secretary Sebelius.
Others are local communities in selected sites and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) such as the Zambia Climate Change Network (ZCCN), International organizations such as CIFOR, and from the private sector - Lloyds Financials and the African Carbon Credit Exchange.
Given the complexity of food production, the large number of retail food operations and manufacturing/processing facilities, and probable staffing decreases, CIFOR members were interested in learning the scope and impact of budget cuts over the last two years.
The authors wish to thank the donors, Ford Foundation and the EU-funded Gemconbio project for their funding support, and our home institutions, CIFOR and Riak Bumi Foundation.
This study was carried out when the first author was working for Wageningen University and CIFOR at the time, and now works for RECOFTC in Bangkok, Thailand; the second author works for CIFOR, in Bogor, Indonesia.
Part of a larger project conducted by CIFOR and Riak Bumi Foundation since 2005, we aimed in this work to promote good governance of areas protected under decentralization and to look for conservation schemes that could improve local people's livelihoods and provide long-term benefits (see Yuliani et ai.
In July-August 2007, CIFOR and Yayasan Riak Bumi (a local NGO) conducted a census in each village to update the demographic and socioeconomic data.
Through a CDC cooperative agreement in association with FDA, NEHA is coordinating another CIFOR workgroup to explore the feasibility and usefulness of establishing a national foodborne illness consumer complaint system.
CIFOR has conducted research in DSNP since 2004, but some of CIFOR's researchers have worked in the park since 1993.