CIFRCentro Italiano Filatelia Resistenza (Italian: Italian Center Resistance Philately)
CIFRCenter for Integrated Fungal Research (North Carolina State University)
CIFRClassified Injury Frequency Rate
CIFRCancel IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Clearance Previously Given
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5 fading channels are derived for ORA and CIFR schemes.
5 fading channels with dual-branch SC and no diversity under ORA, and CIFR schemes.
CIFR is a Centre of Excellence for research and education in the financial sector which is funded by the Commonwealth and NSW Governments and supported by other consortium members, www.
CIFR formulated 25 unanimous recommendations to the SEC, focusing on: 1) complexity, 2) standards setting, 3) auditing process and compliance, and 4) delivering financial information ("Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Improvements to Financial Reporting to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission," www.
CIFR recognized what it considered to be four major sources of complexity: 1) "mixed attributes" from the application of different valuation models on the balance sheet; 2) the lack of clarity and consistency in disclosure requirements; 3) the use of "bright lines," or arbitrary thresholds, in various accounting standards; and 4) exceptions to general standards through industry-specific guidance, alternative policies, scope exceptions, and competing models.
While the CIFR report contains many suggestions, the focus here is on two--adoption of principles-based accounting and guidance for application of accounting judgments--that could dramatically reshape financial reporting and auditing.
According to the CIFR, complexity impedes effective communication in financial reports, creates inefficiencies by adding costs of regulation, and results in suboptimal allocation of capital.
FE: Talk about details about the CIFR committee itself and the overall plan for public/private meetings, location, public access, as well as the subcommittees and the whole structure.
Pozen indicated that during its evaluation, CIFR may wish to consider the financial reporting system in light of the needs of two primary groups: those who prepare the financial information and those who use it, while talking into account the overall environmental impact of two secondary groups: those who offer opinions on the information being presented and those who regulate the financial reporting system.
Matt Kelly, editor in chief of Compliance Week, and his reporters have filed 35 stories on XBRL in the last year alone, including reports on the CIFR committee's tepid response to XBRL to date; details of each of the various investor tools released to showcase XBRL features; a former AT&T chief accountant's "How-To" guide for company leaders; and analyses of both Holland and Japan's focus on the XBRL standard.
A separate but related initiative endorsed by Paulson is the new SEC Advisory Committee on Improvements to Financial Reporting, abbreviated as CIFR (pronounced "cipher").
One of the key factors that may be driving restatements, as noted at the CIFR meeting, is questions about materiality.