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CIFSCommon Internet File System (Sun)
CIFSCredit Indemnity & Financial Services
CIFSCommon Internet File Services (Microsoft)
CIFSCentro de Investigación y Formación Social (Spanish: Center for Social Research and Training)
CIFSClose-In Fire Support
CIFSCritical Initial Flaw Size
CIFSCentral Illinois FLMI Society
CIFSContention Window Inter-Frame Spacing
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Cameroon: Through its submitted NDC, committed to a target reduction by 2035 of 32% GHG emissions conditional on financial support; preparing a CIF Forest Investment Program (FIP) IP; CIF-related sectors under its NDC include agriculture, forests, and energy.
CIFs also eliminate conflicts of interest inherent in tiered mutual fund structures that could potentially result in excessive fees.
CIF should verify the Soldier's clothing record (DA Form 3645) to validate the discrepancy.
Because this protocol tunnels NFS and CIFS over the WAN, a protocol translator storage cache is required at both ends.
The CIF Marketplace will be launched at the ASPPA Conference, starting February 9, 2008 in Orlando, Florida.
Participation in the CIF trust is limited to tax-qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs), with certain exceptions and limitations.
CIFS support allows users to treat a content management as a Microsoft Windows shared file drive.
Neil Murvin, Chief Technology Officer at CaminoSoft, said: "Microsoft's Windows 2000, 2003, and XP operating systems use CIFS as the standard protocol for sharing files across a network.
E[acute accent]The CIFS protocol is the most common method for opening and transferring files.
The Weather Channel will deploy the BML 24000e high-performance CIFS server to provide centralized access to its stored broadcast content throughout its enterprise.
Coupled with the use of a centralized, high-performance content server and remote client workstations, CIFS will allow multiple editors and post-production suites to collaborate with each other through parallel access to all the stored media, thereby enabling parallel workflow in the various phases of today's television production and distribution chain.