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CIGARSConsole Internally Generated And Refresher Symbols
CIGARSCalibrated Infrared Ground Airborne Radiometric Spectrometer
CIGARSConsole Internal Generation & Refresh System (NTDS)
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Daughtry," Walter Merritt Emory went on enthusiastically, while he held the steward's eyes with his and while all the time the live end of the cigar continued to rest against Kwaque's finger, "the older I get the more convinced I am that there are too many ill-advised and hasty operations.
Dunster held his cigar a little way off and looked steadfastly at his host for a moment.
I wish Rose would drive a bargain with Will and Geordie also, for I think these books are as bad for the small boys as cigars for the large ones," said Mrs.
If they didn't like the cigar, why couldn't they say so?
You have given yourself much trouble, Schoolmaster,' observed Eugene, blowing the feathery ash from his cigar.
Besides my cigar, do you smell anything else--vile, abominable, overpowering, indescribable, never-never-never-smelt before?
But she don't mind,' he sagaciously added, puffing at his cigar again.
Five score of head-hunting cannibals on the fringe of the jungle, fifteen Su'u return blacks in the boat, seven black boat's crew, and a solitary white man with a cigar in his mouth, a rifle at his hip, and an Irish terrier bristling against his bare calf, kept the solemn pact of those ten seconds, and no one of them knew or guessed what the outcome would be.
He had his room in dot house-not a cage, but a room-mit a bed and sheets, and he would go to bed and get up in der morning and smoke his cigar und eat his dinner mit Bertran, und walk mit him hand-in-hand, which.
In a cigar store he saw a well-dressed man lighting a cigar at a swinging light.
He rose a little earlier than was customary for an Englishman of business of his own standing, but he made up for this by a somewhat prolonged visit to the barber, a breakfast which bespoke an unimpaired digestion, and a cigar of more than ordinary length over his newspaper.
You choose a cigar, you try it, and it disappoints you.