CIGMATCenter for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology
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In recent years, CIGMAT researchers have developed unique testing facilities that include high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) testing of materials for oil and gas infrastructure applications.
Ongoing research at CIGMAT is funded by federal, state and local agencies and industries.
CIGMAT organizes an annual conference and exhibition entitled Infrastructures, Energy, Geotechnical, Flooding and Sustainability Issues Related to Houston & other Major Cities, which takes place the first Friday in March.
In this study, smart cement, developed at CIGMAT over the past two years, was modified with nanoparticles (iron (NanoFe) and calcium carbonate) to have better sensing and contamination resistive properties.
CIGMAT research studies are focused on developing smart materials for various applications including drilling, oil well cementing and hydraulic fracturing.
Also during the conference, David Magill (deceased), former president of Avanti International and co-founder of CIGMAT, was honored by Dr.
A reception followed the technical sessions in the exhibit area where attendees could view posters on research activities at CIGMAT and in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
A conference proceeding is available on the CIGMAT web site at cigmat.
A national survey was conducted during the years 2008-09 by the CIGMAT in collaboration with the city of Houston to document the conditions of small diameter (< 500 mm diameter) water pipelines in the United States and Canada.
Based on the CIGMAT survey, the small diameter water pipeline (less than 508 mm) amounted to between 81% to 100%, with most cities having 90% of the system with small diameter pipelines as shown in Figure 2.
As shown in Figure 5, the range of USCM averages was very close to the smallest city in the CIGMAT survey with total water pipeline length of 500 miles.
CIGMAT 2015 will be held on March 6 at the University Hilton, University of Houston.