CIHECenter for International Higher Education
CIHECouncil for Industry and Higher Education (UK)
CIHECommission of Institutions of Higher Education
CIHECentre for the Integrated Home Environment (Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering; Loughborough University; UK)
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The confusion around the added-value of postgraduate attributes affects all stakeholders in this equation and as highlighted by CIHE (2010), requires more work to be done on by HEIs on how these qualifications can benefit business.
London, the Council for Industry and Higher Education CIHE
The CTCI encompasses secondary and postsecondary institutions whose mission is career and technical in nature, and the CIHE encompasses higher education institutions offering bachelor and other degrees.
The development of effective Catholic school leaders calls for CIHE to ensure that internships not only focus on the instructional leadership skills, but also look at the spiritual leadership competencies as well as leadership for operational vitality.
In order to ensure that rigorous recruitment and selection of candidates occurs and that clinically rich internships are in place, new structures of collaboration must be developed and maintained between CIHE and diocesan offices of Catholic education.
Using a virtual classroom approach, Sabatino describes how faith formation, combined with instructional leadership skills are developed, especially in places where CIHE may not be present.
Leahy asserted that CIHE should support Catholic schools because "we are all part of the Catholic culture.
Table groups revealed that many CIHE need to do more to advance the conversation of CIT among faculty and students, discussing how this is manifested in CIHE course work and other practical experiences in schools of education.
The core challenge of this conference--what holds the promise to move us beyond deja vu--is whether we can shift the focus of problem-solving on behalf of Catholic schools from competition to deliberate and productive collaboration among CIHE and between CIHE and other stakeholders.
Session 3 consisted of a panel discussion, representing the voices of the various constituent groups and a presentation on Catholic higher education perspectives on the gaps between CIHE and pre-K-12 needs.
Finally, it was suggested that a collaboration between CIHE and pre-K-12 Catholic schools should extend beyond the support of schools of education.
The purpose of the partnership was to marshal the academic resources and professional expertise of the region's CIHEs to build enduring connections that strengthen and sustain quality Catholic education.