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(2002) evaluated [F.sub.4:5] and [F.sub.4:6] families from the cross between the FHB susceptible six-rowed cultivar Foster and CIho 4196 to gain knowledge about the inheritance of reduced FHB severity and DON concentration.
To determine if CIho 4196 carries the same genes for FHB resistance as the aforementioned cultivars, and to gain a better understanding of the genetics conferring reduced FHB severity and DON accumulation, and the association of these traits with other traits, a genetic map was generated using a population of recombinant inbred lines from the cross Foster x CIho 4196.
Winter hardiness of Thoroughbred is good and most similar to that of the hardy barley check 'Kentucky 1' (CIho 6050).
In the 1998 to 1999 and 1999 to 2000 USDA-ARS Uniform Barley Winter Hardiness Nurseries, Price had a three-year mean (19 station years) survival score of 72%, compared with 63% for 'Tennessee Winter' (PI 11193), 82% for 'Kentucky 1' (CIho 6050), and 45% for the winter-tender check 'Trebi' (Wiebe, 1965).
In the 2002 to 2003 USDA-ARS Uniform Barley Winter Hardiness Nursery (9 station years), Doyce ranked 9th among 16 entries for winter hardiness with a mean survival score of 85%, compared with 76% for Tennessee Winter, 93% for 'Kentucky 1' (CIho 6050), and 61% for 'Trebi' (Wiebe, 1965).
In contrast to a previous report (Jitkov, 1997), the putative resistant control CIho 8342 (C1 = 6.1, D2 = 5.5) was scored as susceptible in our study.
STARS-9577B, a RWA-resistant selection from CIho 4165, is an excellent source of resistance to the RWA, but little is known of the genetic control of this resistance.
WA7190-86 is a selection from WA10698-76 [`Klages'(CIho 15478)/WA8189-69)/ WA8517-74 (`Piroline' SD Mutant/`Valticky' SD Mutant) (Wesenberg et al., 1974; McKay, 1969)].
One of the most resistant two-rowed barley accessions identified is CIho 4196 (Prom et al., 1996; Takeda, 1992).
The parent Lewis (CIho 15856), a two-rowed barley, was developed by ARS and Montana State University from the cross `Hector'/`Klages'.
CIho 4196 is an FHB resistant two-rowed accession received from China in 1925 and held in the USDA National Small Grains Collection.