CIHRSCairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
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The Observatory, the EMHRN and the CIHRS urge the Syrian authorities to put an end to all acts of harassment against human rights defenders, to immediately and unconditionally release all persons arbitrarily detained and to conform in all circumstances with the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders (1998) as well as international human rights instruments ratified by Syria.
The two founders of the CIHRS readily admit that around 1980 they moved away from their Marxist origins toward Liberal positions and may now be considered social-democrats or democratic socialists.
When the CIHRS appointed an honorary Board of Trustees, they chose persons whom they knew harbored Liberal ideas and were open to integration in the international institutional system.
CIHRS collected in its report a series of documents, including telegrams from British officials, from the parliament session in which the law was annulled, and other correspondence between Egyptian and foreign officials.
The human rights summer school is an annual activity that has been organised by CIHRS for 22 years amid varying political conditions in Egypt.
According to CIHRS, the alumni include rights advocates, politicians, journalists, researchers, diplomats, judges, businesspeople, artists, film directors, and founders of pioneering social initiatives that proactively and peacefully address social and economic problems in their communities.
The repressive actions to close public spaces and crackdown on dissent in Egypt are extremely alarming," CIHRS said in a statement delivered jointly with 10 Egyptianhuman rights organisations.
CIHRS further mentioned the cases of human rights activist Ahmed Abdullah and lawyers Haitham Mohamadain and Malek Adly; the latter has remained in solitary confinement for over a month.
The meeting was attended by several officials with the UN General-Secretariat and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights," CIHRS said in a Thursday press release.
Referring to the UN Security Council's resolution 242, the CIHRS demanded the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces and settlers from Occupied East Jerusalem and the handing over of authority to the Palestinian government.
CIHRS affirms that the 'Arab Spring' is not the cause of the deteriorating human rights situation, but a final attempt by Arab peoples to instigate change in the "authoritarian and autocratic" governments that are unwilling to reform.
This includes actions by the ministry, as CIHRS pointed to their strict deadline for civic associations to register under the ministry, under the "repressive" Law 84/2002.