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CIIACertified International Investment Analyst
CIIACommission Internationale des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires (French: International Commission of Agricultural and Food Industries)
CIIACalifornia Internet Industry Alliance
CIIAChristmas Island Internet Administration Ltd
CIIAConstruction Industry Institute Australia, Inc. (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
CIIAComisión Internacional de las Industrias Agrícolas y Alimentarias (Spanish)
CIIACanadian Institute for International Affairs
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the CIIA provides protections against the disclosure of information that
The CIIA fell into decline after Holmes stepped down from the presidency.
The CIIA undertook to organise one and in 1933, after the next IPR held in Banff, the Canadians organised the first Unofficial Commonwealth Relations Conference, in the University of Toronto's Hart House.
third, the CIIA, was enacted by Congress to provide private industry
risk assessments under the bill) would be considered CII under the CIIA.
El CIIA ha venido trabajando con procesos de digestion anaerobia de residuos desde su fundacion en el ano 1991.
And Congress should limit the secrecy protections of the CIIA to situations in which there is a reasonable likelihood that transparency presents a tangible risk to the nation's security.
Although the CIIA is now a shadow of its former self, only occasionally producing useful contributions to the public debate, it is good to be reminded how active civil society could be in shaping international relations 60 years ago.
This article is based on his presentation to the National Capital Branch of the CIIA on January 25, 2006.
The CIIA was enacted, in part, to respond to the need for the federal government and owners and operators of the nation's critical infrastructures to share information on vulnerabilities and threats, and to promote information sharing to protect critical assets.
Based on a talk delivered in Waterloo, Ontario, on Thursday, 23 September 2004, under the joint auspices of the Waterloo Region Branch of the CIIA and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).
quien es experto en el control de la contaminacion del aire y en modelacion ambiental y dirige el CIIA.