CIICControlled Inventory Item Code
CIICCorrectional Institutional Inspection Committee
CIICCompetencia Iberoamericana de Informática por Correspondencia (Spanish: Ibero-American Computer Correspondence Competition; Argentina)
CIICCivilian Illness and Injury Compensation
CIICConstruction Industry Information and Computing (group)
CIICCommunity and Industry Interactive Center (Thailand)
CIICClub Informatique Intercommunal du Carcassonnais (French computer club)
CIICCentre pour l'Invention et l'Innovation en Chirurgie (French: Center for Invention and Innovation in Surgery; Canada)
CIICCentre d'Information de l'Industrie Cimentière (French: Cement Industry Information Center)
CIICConsumer Information Indicator Code
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So I conveyed Attorney Fellner's message to Bob Hagan and he set up a CIIC visit to OSP with Attorney Fellner and the executive secretary of the CIIC, Peter Davis.
Robert Flemings, the respected UK investment bank, has set up a joint venture, Flemings CIIC, with the Commercial International Investment Company, an offshoot of CIB.
To encourage American business involvement in some of southern China's major real estate developments, Tian Yi Wang, vice chairman and president of CIIC (Hainan China International Industry and Commerce Company, Ltd.
The deal was inked in Kiingston on Friday 15th July 2016, in Kingston, by the Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority, Nii Allotey Odunton, and Michael Henry, the Director of CIIC.
A partir de entonces, los trabajos llevados a cabo por el CIIC, a traves de sus numerosos encuentros cientificos internacionales, (1) han conducido a resultados provechosos, materializados en la identificacion, promocion e investigacion sistematica de algunos Itinerarios Culturales de gran importancia, en la concrecion de los factores conceptuales y operativos que determinan la existencia de esta nueva tipologia patrimonial, y en su propia adopcion como categoria independiente en las Directrices Practicas de 2005.
Hence, they have started partnering with local vendors such as FESCO, CIIC, China Star, and China Talent Group, which provide tailor-made solutions for small and medium-sized firms.
Fleming CIIC and Merrill Lynch are evaluating the state-owned companies in preparation for privatization.
CIIC will carry out company visits on behalf of the fund and advise Edgerley of other local developments.
CIIC and its subsidiaries were engaged in writing workers' compensation insurance in nine western and mid-western states.