CIIICanadian International Immunization Initiative
CIIISchedule III Controlled Substance (USA)
CIIIContinuous Intravenous Insulin Infusion Therapy (internal medicine)
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Testosterone CIII is a used to treat adult males who have low or no testosterone due to certain medical conditions.
La CII se desarrollo de junio 2008 a febrero 2009, incluyendo el periodo completo de estratificacion e inicio de surgencia costera, y la CIII el periodo de febrero-julio 2009, durante casi la totalidad del periodo de surgencia costera.
PMDP data has had an important impact in promoting stricter CII classifications of drugs, one example being the 2014 reclassification of hydrocodone from CIII to CII.
Nas caracteristicas massa, comprimento e diametro total, os genotipos CI e CIII apresentaram as performances superior e inferior, respectivamente, em relacao as testemunhas, demonstrando o potencial genetico do genotipo CI, para uso em melhoramento, e a variabilidade entre os genotipos Cortibel.
We fitted both the changing radial velocity and the changing width of the excess CIII emission to a simple geometric model that includes the opening angle of the shock cone, the velocity of the shocked material moving along the cone's surface, the binary's orbital inclination, and an angular shift due to Coriolis forces.
The company announced last week that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its Axiron[R] topical solution CIII for testosterone replacement therapy in men.
The FDA approved the product, marketed as Butrans transdermal system CIII by Purdue Pharma LR last month.
Invazif pulmoner aspergilloz kurtarma tedavisinde ise kaspofungin, posakonazol ve vorikonazol BII, lipozomal amfoterisin B ve ABLC BIII, itrakonazol ise CIII kanit duzeyindedir (23).
and Laboratories Besins Iscovesco on outstanding patent litigation related to AndroGel 1% (testosterone gel) CIII, a topical testosterone replacement gel.
The Food and Drug Administration approved Codeprex Extended-Release Suspension CIII for adults and children 6 years and older.
Kennedy, "Imperialism - the Enemy of Freedom," Congressional Record CIII.