CIIIIComputer Inquiry III
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Even when it comes to escuderos, the pragmaticas prohibit the substitution of a mule for a horse (Las pramaticas, Folio CXLVI, ley ciiii).
However, the 1528 edition of Las pragmaticas combined with the Leyes de Toro mandates horse and arms for "todos los de nuestros reynos y senorios" and lists a number of places on the Peninsula that must comply with the "quantiosos caballeros" provisions, beginning with "Burgos cabeza de Castilla nuestra camara" (Folio XCV, ley ciiii).
First mandated in 1484 for Andalucia, and called up again, from a wide range of places, in this 1496 pragmatica directed to "todos los que viven y moran en las ciudades y villas francas y exentas" of Burgos and its provinces, and also to "todas las provincias y cibdades y villas y lugares delos dichos nuestros reynos y senorios" (Las pramaticas, Folio XLC, law ciiii).