CIINChemical Injury Information Network
CIINChartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (professional organization)
CIINCalifornia Integrated Information Network (California Department of General Services)
CIINCorporate Integrated Information Network
CIINConfiguration Item Identification Number
CIINCommunity Interfaith/Interagency Network (Florida)
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In August of 2001, CIIN assembled a blue ribbon panel of scientific and medical experts to address the first U.
CIIN is a national nonprofit established in 1990 to empower chemically-injured people, advocate and support scientifically sound research into chemical health issues, and bring about increased public understanding of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
CIIN makes its resources available to physicians, health care providers, and attorneys, and provides current information on MCS and access to medical and scientific research and legal cases.
All members of CIIN were invited to respond to a mail survey that gathered informed consent and asked about their use of 108 treatments to improve their MCS.
CIIN is currently investigating why people with MCS stay in unsafe housing.
CIIN directs the state to immediately begin the process of offering CALNET and the state's 16 other telecommunications and data networks to the marketplace.
The state will maintain strong responsibility over CIIN.