CIINChemical Injury Information Network
CIINChartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (professional organization)
CIINCalifornia Integrated Information Network (California Department of General Services)
CIINCorporate Integrated Information Network
CIINConfiguration Item Identification Number
CIINCommunity Interfaith/Interagency Network (Florida)
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CIIN's decision to call its efforts an "investment program" no doubt creates the shadow of capitalism (and the question of whether it allows for an exploration of prosperity without growth).
Intransitive (uu(l) 'to go') Verb focus Subject focus SG l met mer=uu-jen (8) met-ek uu-l 2 tet mer=uu-jek tet-ek uu-l 3 tudel mer=uu-j tudel uu-l koden mer=uu-j ile-len uu-l PL l mit mer=uu-jeli mit-ek uu-l 2 tit mer=uu-jemut tit-ek uu-l 3 tittel mer=uu-ni tittel uu-nu-l ciin mer=uu-ni ilepe-len uu-nu-l Transitive (ai 'to shoot') Verb focus Subject focus SG l met mer=ai-n met ai 2 tet mer=ai-mek tet ai 3 tudel mer=ai-m tud ai koden mer=ai-m kode ai PL l mit mer=ai-j mit ai 2 tit mer=ai-mk tit ai 3 tittel mer=ai-na titt ai-nu ciin mer=ai-na cii ai-nu Object focus SG l met ile-len ai-men 2 tet ile-len ai-men 3 tudel ile-len ai-mele koden ile-len ai-mele PL l mit ile-len ai-l 2 tit ile-len ai-mk 3 tittel ile-len ai-numle ciin ile-len ai-numle 1.3 Information structure
[21] Leblanc H, Lachelin GCL, Abu-Fadid S, Yen SSC, Effect of dopamine infusion on pituitary hormone secretion in humans, J CIin Endocrinol Metab 43(1976) 668-74.
Austin Enajemo-Isire, a chartered accountant, Fellow, Chartered Institute of Insurance of Nigeria (CIIN), Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) and Chartered Institute of Taxation (ACTI), came in.
CiIn his official statement published in his Twitter, Maduro also blamed the power outages on the "terrorist attacks, perpetrated by criminals who have already announced their intent so blatantly in various public speeches".
The panel discussion will be moderated by Suhad Shtayyeh, the Founder and Creative Director of CIIN, an online fashion editorial magazine targeting the modern Arab Woman.
Ciin Nesher under review, seemingly in response to public pressure.
(7) The word ile in the following table means 'reindeer', the word koden and its suppletive plural form ciin mean 'man' and 'people' respectively.
However, the CIIN, an influential support group for those with MCS, gains a small financial benefit from seeing MCS declared a prevalent hazard, even if the benefit is large relative to the CIIN's small size.
Austin Enejamo-Isire, a Chartered Accountant, Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and renowned Insurance expert, Senior Member, Chartered Institute of Insurance of Nigeria (CIIN), Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) was approved by Mr.