CIIRCenter for Intelligent Information Retrieval
CIIRCatholic Institute for International Relations
CIIRCounterintelligence Information Report (US DoD)
CIIRChina Institute of Industrial Relations (Beijing, China)
CIIRChloro Isobutene Isoprene Rubber (polymer)
CIIRCanadian International Information Resource
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2005) Passage Retrieval and Evaluation, CIIR Technical Report.
A spokesman Mark Morley said, "The CIIR is a highly respected outfit but they are not an agency of the bishops' conference.
In the research area, the goals of the CIIR are to develop advanced techniques for text analysis and retrieval, and to integrate those techniques with other data management techniques in distributed environments.
CIIR said, "child deaths were reduced and women's participation in the cooperative increased, which helped their economic situation.
The CIIR, is even more outspoken about the targets, both institutional and individual, of this "movement":
com Katherine Calitzo Equipment: Calenders, internal mixers, mills and slitters Services offered: Custom mixing, recipe development Mixing capabilities: NR, BR, SBR, IR, CR, NBR, CIIR, MR, EPDM Capacity: 80 million lbs.
In Somalia, CIIR stated, the cost of buying formula is equal to a doctor's weekly salary; in Nigeria, formula for one child costs 264 percent of the minimum wage; and in Uganda, it eats up 900 percent of a hospital janitor's monthly pay.
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I would like to briefly thank our sponsors, the British Academy, la Vicerrectoria Academica here in la Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, and CIIR, the Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Research, all of whom have contributed to fund your visit.
Whitewater, WI Mixers Company Capabilities Akron Paint & Varnish 1 gallon to 6,000 gallons, 50 CPS to 3,000,000 Biltrite Industries NR, BR, SBR, IR, CR, CIIR, IIR EPDM Blair Rubber Co.