CIIRCCentre Internacional d’Investigació dels Recursos Costaners (Catalan: International Centre for Coastal Resources Research; Spain)
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In the past month, 1,001 Web sites had been blocked by Chinese authorities for distributing porn and other lewd material and more than 4,000 web sites that were shut down also had been investigated, according to the CIIRC.
Sponsor assumes a gradual equipping the interior of the building CIIRC furniture over the next three years under a framework contract with the successful tenderer, the largest part of the contract subject of the contract shall be directed to the date of approval of buildings.
a) A description needs to be the fulfillment of public contracts achieved: The construction of a new communication infrastructure in the newly constructed building - Building CIIRC project will create an appropriate communication infrastructure necessary for the tasks set out his sponsor status, individual projects and legal standards.