CIISCalifornia Institute of Integral Studies
CIISChina Institute of International Studies (Beijing, China)
CIISComitato Interministeriale per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza (Italian: Interministerial Committee for Information and Security)
CIISCenter for Integrated Intelligence Systems
CIISControlled Items Inventory System
CIISClient Integration Implementation Service
CIISCompatibility, Interoperability, Integration and C4 Supportability
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Since many parts of Darjeeling continue to face water scarcity following increasing demand-supply gaps, the CII will apply its water scanning tool for developing catchment area plans.
org>, 510-7258877; and Allan Combs, Director of the CIIS Center for Consciousness Studies <CCS@CIIS.
West Virginia law requires data collection on CIIs through CIVs while Kentucky and Ohio's programs encompass CIIs through CVs.
Through this new relationship with CIIS, we are able to do just that.
She led JCPH in its becoming a part of the state immunization registry and its transition to the CIIS II system and supports private providers as they transition into the registry.
The increase of shared information on threats, vulnerabilities and incidents among CIIs operators' and main stakeholders may refine the risk assessment activity on which security and resilience investment rely.
See Jacob of Serugh's homily on the Presentation (Joseph Kollamparampil, Jacob of Serugh: Select Festal Homilies [Rome: CIIS, 1997] 141-58): "The Ancient of Days whom Mary wrapped in swaddling clothes / and the aged Simeon held in his arms without being weakened" (17-18); "He gave the law to Moses on the Mount together with His Father / and He came to fulfill in His own person the order that He himself taught [23-24]"; "He carries Him in his hands and believes in Him that He is upon the chariot / He is held in the hands as a child and Simeon seeks release from Him" (135-36); "Simeon had become a Cherub of flesh on account of Jesus / and instead of wheels he carried Him solemnly in his hands" (187-88).
La mayor frecuencia de lesiones segun los intervalos de edades fueron: CIS y CIIS en 40-49 anos; CIC y CV en 50-59 anos; CIIC y CIIIS en 40-49 y 50-59 anos; CIICJ en 50-59 y 60-69 anos; y CIV en 60--69 y 70-79 anos.
MicroMD PM produces a report that can be directly exported into the CIIS database and thereby eliminates manual data entry.
The CIIS is chaired by the Prime Minister; other statutory