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CIITCombat Institute of Information Technology
CIITCentral Institute of Information Technology (Nagpur, India)
CIITStanding Committee on International Trade
CIITChemical Industry Institute of Technology
CIITCommunications, Internet and Information Technology (conference)
CIITCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Pakistan)
CIITChemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
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However, Domki resigned the same day due to a tussle between him and the NTS, CIIT officials which had been brewing for quite some time.
who encouraged all forum participants from CIIT and Belarus to fully use the opportunity to seek avenues for collaboration.
In a joint statement here Friday, they said that year-long services of employees and faculty at CIIT are being terminated without any notice by the adhoc administration where some top management people are even involved in getting salary from three different organizations.
D will help resolve grave issues of CIIT campuses and the institution will perform better than before, Rana Tanveer Hussain hoped.
Chief Guest Rector CIIT, Dr SM Junaid Zaidi,(HI,SI) distributed medals and degrees among graduating students.
He was chairing a meeting with the delegation from CIIT headed by Dr.
Further, summary of the winning case will be incorporated into relevant global/local CIIT and CIMA publications subject to fulfilling formal review and publication standards.
Key words: Faculty evaluation Cu-online Evaluation instrument case study CIIT Lahore
Omar Mohammed Basudan, CIIT director-general, said that these indicators reflect the efforts and intensive care provided by the government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to activate and apply the concept of e-government to raise the productive efficiency of the public sector and provide better services to individuals and businesses, as well as to provide accurate information in a timely manner and to harness all possible resources for this purpose.
This landmark agreement between COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) and Lancaster University (LU) UK would allow 250 Pakistani students to earn an international degree from a high-ranking UK University in addition to their own degree from CIIT.
Thus, the CIIT is applying toxicogenomics and systems biology approaches to compounds such as formaldehyde and chloroform in order to more fully elucidate cancer mechanisms and potentially demonstrate nonlinearity of cancer dose responses.
Both the CIIT and EPA groups are now trying to discover which genes fail to turn on when a young male's testosterone production remains low.