CIITEConsortium for Indian Information Technology Education
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Organizations like CIITE are looking for proven IT security compliance methodologies like BindView's to create a best practices framework for large-scale training and professional development that Indian software and services companies are bringing to their U.
According to Matin, "while the contract value will not have a significant impact on the company's financial results in Q2 of 2005, we believe it marks the beginning of a continuing and successful relationship with CIITE.
Our selection of BindView was based on a thorough understanding of the company's superior products, capabilities and expertise, as well as its commitment to our mission and goals," said CIITE Executive Director Professor Ainul Attar.
The main facet of CIITE is to spread awareness and knowledge of IT throughout India, and to distribute educational software along with training material.
0 million non-recurring cost associated with production of Video Based Training required for the CIITE project recorded in the fourth quarter of 2007 and are therefore not calculated in accordance with U.
With the digital identity of millions of students at stake and the need to secure vast online and networked educational resources, CIITE needs powerful, yet simple authentication tools for its program," said Prof.
We are honored to be chosen by CIITE as their nationwide authentication and security partner, providing high-quality security and educational materials that will benefit India's IT students," said Elinor Nissensohn, global vice president of sales and marketing at Aladdin Knowledge Systems.
CIITE selected eSafe to provide each institute's location with powerful, integrated content security featuring proactive protection against known and unknown malicious code and spam, as well as non-productive and inappropriate content.
Eastern Time to discuss the CIITE customer announcement.
Our extensive network of CIITE facilities requires proven, time-tested technology that will stand as a significant barrier against ever-present Web threats," said Prof D.
In addition to eSafe technology, Aladdin also provided CIITE with a complete Aladdin Content Security Course -- a comprehensive set of IT security training DVDs that will be used during instruction throughout CIITE institutes.
Aladdin is proud to provide security and high- level educational materials for CIITE and its Indian IT students, as we are committed to assisting CIITE's mission of strengthening IT use within the country's educational and commercial communities.