CIJACanadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy
CIJACentre Information Jeunesse Alsace (French: Youth Information Center Alsace; Alsace, France)
CIJACentre Information Jeunesse Aquitaine (French: Youth Information Center Aquitaine)
CIJACentre d'Information et d'Initiative des Jeunes Audois (French youth organization)
CIJACentre for the Independence of Justice and Lawyers (Tunisia)
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Desde mediados de 2015 la CIJA trabaja en estrecha colaboracion con el bufete londinense Bedford Row International, que sucedio al de Carter-Ruck and Co.
Cija, of Starston, Norfolk, still only has limited movement after the jump in March over a river in Queenstown.
Still others note that the government's policies sometimes precede lobbying efforts: one community official noted that in the lead-up to the Durban II Review Conference of 2009, while CIJA and its agencies were debating whether they should press for Canadian involvement, Harper announced that Canada would not attend.
As early as 2004, CIJA officials had already said that the "ultimate goal" of the Canadian PAC should be "to act as a partisan entity that would support candidates.
Cija, of Starston, Norfolk, still has limited movement in her limbs after the jump in March over a river in Queenstown.
Frost resistance of selected weak particles Frak- Sauso Vandens cija, ban- igeriamu- mm dinio mo % mase, g po 48 h 4/8 300 5,0 8/16 700 5,0 Vidu- tiniai 5,0 pokyciai Frak- Mases nuostoliai po saldymo cija, ir sildymo ciklu mm po 25 po 50 po 75 ciklu ciklu ciklu 4/8 16,6 27,1 33,6 8/16 13,6 24,0 30,5 Vidu- tiniai 14,5 25,5 32,5 pokyciai 4 lentele.
Chaired by Tanenbaum, Belzberg and Cummings, CIJA eventually brought both the CJC and the CIC under its effective control.
Tenders are invited for cleaning service of high resolution hospitals of cija and lebrija, dependent on the public health business agency under guadalquivir
U pozadini je, naravno, bila Karadziceva (a po njoj i Kopitarova i Miklosiceva) teza o Hrvatima kao o Srbima cija je jedina posebnost latinicno pismo i pripadnost Katolickoj crkvi.
Kod 80% bolesnika HCV infekcija je hronicno, progresivno oboljenje, cija je evolucija u cirozu jetre i HCC, kod 20% odnosno 10% bolesnika, retrospektivno, visedecenijski, multifaktorski proces [3].
Sio darbo tikslas ir uzdaviniai--rinkti statistine informa cija apie spaustuveje lankstymo metu padaroma brokuota produkcija, nustatyti broko priklausomybe nuo popieriaus rusies, charakteristiku ir gramaturos.
Fogel with a view to (a) establishing a dialogue with the CIJA on the issues and (b) permitting Mr.