CIJSCriminal Justice Information Services (US FBI)
CIJSCentral Illinois Jazz Society (Peoria, IL; est. 1979)
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This study is based on information provided by illegal drag users seeking treatment at CIJs, a Mexican organization specializing in prevention, treatment and research on drag, alcohol and tobacco use and abuse.
The first part of this study includes data on marijuana use trends in drag users seeking treatment in CIJ during the period 2005-2016.
The information was drawn from the CIJ's Sistema de Informacion Epidemiologica del Consumo de Drogas (SIECD) [Institutional System for Epidemiological Information on Drag Use], which gathers information on drag users through a census at 107 points across the country.
This information is gathered through self-reporting at the first consultation, which includes a semi-structured interview conducted by physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and members of the medical staff at CIJ, based on standardized instructions for applying these interviews and using them to compile individuals' electronic medical records.
A longstanding dispute between the CPs and CIJs over whether to move forward with charges in Cases 003 and 004 led to pointed criticism that the government was interfering in the judicial process and the Cambodian personnel were failing to fulfill their mandate.
(2) Recently hostilities became evident in early 2012, when the international Co-investigating Judge (CIJ) resigned after only a few months in office.
Unacknowledged by his Cambodian counterpart You Bunleng, the new CIJ worked in isolation.
(196) Adopting a quantitative approach to the question of intent, the CIJs eschewed any minimum numeric threshold necessary to find genocide, focusing instead of the "portion" of the Chain population that was targeted for annihilation during the Khmer Rouge reign.
A final cautionary note: the forms of social reasoning identified here may represent only those of teenage drug users in the CIJs of Guadalajara, Mexico, and may not be completely generalizable to other populations.
The authors wish to thank Centros de Integracion Juvenil (CIJ) for facilitating this research.