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CIKCentral Index Key (SEC)
CIKCytokine Induced Killer (cell type)
CIKCommission Internationale de Karting (French)
CIKCrawling Insect Killer
CIKConfederazione Italiana Kendo (Italian Kendo Federation)
CIKCash Is King (Indianapolis, IN)
CIKContribution in Kind
CIKCrypto Ignition Key
CIKContent Is King
CIKChrist Is King (Ellicott City, MD internet service provider)
CIKCompany Identification Number
CIKCryptographic Identification Key
CIKConcrete on Rolled I-Beam Composite (civil engineering)
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Therefore, the combination of CIK cells with oxaliplatin against drug resistant GC in in vitro and in vivo experiments resulted in a release of large amounts of cytokines, such as IL-2, with a significant antitumor effect compared to monotherapy with chemotherapy or CIK cells only [44].
Alzayani added: "Shaikh Abdulla has done so much for karting over the past few years as president of the CIK; it is only fitting that he continues in his role and further leads the grassroots level of motorsport to even higher highs."
Barry Cik, a renowned environmental engineer, founded Naturepedic after searching for a safe crib mattress for his grandchild.
Also, green manufacturers, like environmental engineer Barry Cik, will find it easier to identify and use nontoxic materials in their products.
Tiro, a descendent of the last sultan of Aceh and a grandson of Indonesian independence hero Teuku Cik di Tiro, established the now-dissolved Free Aceh Movement, or GAM, on Dec.
Two sleuths of CIK stopped Nayeem in the jail premises to arrest him again.
Bakhashab said that all participants are required to hold a license being issued by SATA locally on behalf of CIK. Also, all drivers will take part with their own cars.
Users can search by specific filing type; company name; Central Index Key (CIK) code; and industry or Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code.
But while the mother was putting them on board her youngest child, Pincus Cik, followed her and fell under the wheels of the vehicle.
Through a special-purpose search, you can search for specific information, such as a company's unique CIK (Central Index Key) n u tuber assigned by the SEC.