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Moreover, by retrospective subgroup analysis, patients with intestinal-type tumors could be found to benefit most from CIK cell therapy (OS: P = 0.045; DFS: P = 0.023; diffuse or mixed-type tumors: OS: P = 0.970; DFS: P = 0.962).
On the whole, CIK cell immunotherapy prolonged the DFS in patients with locally advanced stomach cancer and also the OS in patients with intestinal-type tumors.
published a study combining capecitabine and oxaliplatin chemotherapy with intraperitoneal (i.p.) perfusion of CIK cells [23].
The combination of chemotherapy and CIK cells was well tolerated, and there were no serious adverse reactions after CIK perfusions.
Another study that was published in 2008 focuses on the side effects occurring during CIK cell treatment [24].
Side effects appearing after CIK transfusions included chills (13 patients), fever (9 patients), a general malaise (3 patients), nausea, and vomiting (1 patient).
The same research group performed a retrospective study to analyze the correlation between CIK cell therapy and cancer-related death in patients with gastric cancer [25].
The 2-year survival time was significantly longer after additional CIK cell therapy than after chemotherapy alone (P = 0.007).
Another retrospective study evaluates the clinical outcome of 165 advanced gastric cancer patients treated with either FOLFOX chemotherapy or 5-FU/cisplatin chemotherapy; patients in the study group were additionally treated with CIK cell therapy [26].
No serious side effects were observed after CIK cell transfer.
Again, CIK cell therapy was shown to prevent recurrence and improve survival in combination with surgery and chemotherapy.
These six clinical studies show that the combination of CIK cell therapy with palliative or adjuvant chemotherapy protocols can be a significant step forward in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer.