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CILCommon Intermediate Language (Microsoft)
CILComité Interprofessionnel du Logement (French: Interprofessional Housing Committee)
CILCorpus Inscriptionum Latinarum
CILComponent Integration Laboratories
CILCrazy in Love
CILCustomary International Law
CILCommissioners of Irish Lights (radio navigation)
CILCorrespondants Informatique et Libertés (French: Corresponding Data Protection)
CILCommunications in Information Literacy (journal)
CILCentre International des Langues (French: International Language Center)
CILCorpo Italiano Di Liberazione
CILCycle International Long (French education program)
CILcritical item list (US DoD)
CILComputational Intelligence Laboratory
CILCentre d'Initiatives Locales (French: Center for Local Initiatives)
CILCAPSL Intermediate Language
CILCommunity Information Line
CILCentre for Innovative Leadership
CILCritical Information List
CILComputer Integrated Logistics
CILComments In-Line
CILCurriculum & Instructional Leadership
CILCommand Information Library
CILComputer Inoperative Limits
CILConfidence Interval Length
CILConfiguration Identification List
CILColeambally Irrigation Limited
CILClub Informatique du Langonnais (French: Computer Club of Langon; Langon, France)
CILChef d'Incident Local
CILConvertisseur d'Images par Lots (French: Batch Image Converter)
CILComputer-In-Loop (aerospace)
CILCleared Items List
CILChannel Inter-Leaver/Inter-Leaving
CILChronic Inflammatory Lesion
CILChronic Ileal Lesion
CILCell Interfering List
CILCephalo-Iliac Left
CILCenter for Interactive Learning
CILCenter for Independent Living
CILCertificate in Lieu Of
CILCarbon in Leach (gold mining)
CILCentral Identification Lab
CILCash in Lieu (stock transactions)
CILContro Interpreter Language (Honeywell)
CILChanges in Latitude (Travel store)
CILCalcetto International League (table football organization)
CILCanadian Industries Limited
CILCertified Institutional Locksmith (Institutional Locksmiths' Association)
CILCoal India Limited
CILCompare Infobase Limited (India)
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Stock exchanges also sought clarification from the company on media reports that unions have threatened to ' go slow', to which CIL replied that it has not received any notice from any union in this regard.
on The council report says that, across the region, following assessments, St Helens have paused further work in bringing in a CIL "due to concern with current economic conditions", while Knowsley have decided not to introduce a CIL in the short term but are keeping the option under annual review.
The inappropriateness of CIL in a depressed marketplace is contributing to the failure to deliver development, which has been rendered even less viable than it was before.
CILs are consumer-driven, private, nonprofit organizations that advocate for people with disabilities and offer services to people with disabilities as peers.
Details of proposed new CIL charges will be presented to the council's cabinet next Monday before being issued for public consultation and follow talks with developers.
The final notable point is that the timetable for transition to a CIL charging regime will be extended by 12 months.
In order to overcome the problem of slow coal evacuation from its three major coalfields namely North Karanpura - Auranga of CCL, Mand Raigarh - Korba of SECL and Ib Valley of MCL which have a high growth potential, CIL has planned investment of Rs.
In 2012 alone, CIL handled close to 6,000 requests for assistance, including approximately 2,800 verifications of arrest warrants in support of the passport-issuance process, approximately 1,500 formal requests from outside agencies and almost 1,000 miscellaneous requests, such as passport and visa checks pertaining to criminal investigations.
So if your extension is of 120 sqm and the CIL rate is PS125, then the additional cost is PS15,000.
supremacy of all treaties to the Court's practice of using CIL to
rights under CIL was tied to a concern about new states.
The truth is no one is entirely sure, although with the relaxation of Section 106 agreements and the national implementation of the CIL, it's quite possible that the number of affordable homes being built in future years is set to plummet.