CILECompagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux (French: Liege Intermunicipal Water Company; Liege, Belgium)
CILECenter for International Legal Education
CILECentro Internacional de Lengua Española (Spanish)
CILEConsortium for Innovative Legal Education (various locations)
CILECall Information Logging Equipment
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Dr Fethi Ahmed, Research Co-ordinator at CILE, will present the lecture and explore some noble social ethics in the Holy Qur'an with reference to Surah Al-Hujurat (the Chambers).
Dr Mohammad Ghaly, Professor of Islam and biomedical ethics from CILE, will deal with aACAyEthical conundrums of organ donation through the lens of Muslim religious scholars' while Dr Riadh Fadil, Professor of Urology & Transplant Surgery and Director of Qatar Organ Donation Centre, will present the Doha model of organ donation under the title aACAyDoha model of organ donation: thinking beyond nationality', organisers said.
org) by the BCDR-AAA, with the assistance of CLDP and CILE for all participants, potential participants and universities to be well connected within the Middle East Vis Pre-Moot community so as to assure to reach to more teams to take part in the Middle East Vis Pre-Moot 2013.
Dr Mu'taz Alkhatib, assistant of methodology and ethics at CILE, will moderate the talk.
The lecture was introduced by Professor Tariq Ramadan, CILE Executive Director, and participants included Jasser Auda, CILE Deputy Director, Jonas Otterbeck, of Lund University in Sweden, and Canadian script writer and filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz.
The conference on ethics is the first of many such conferences and events to be organised by the CILE.
The session, moderated by Dr Mohamed Ghaly, CILE professor of Islam and Biomedical Ethics, supported Qatar Foundation's (QF) commitment to fostering a progressive and engaged society that is appreciative of its traditional values and heritage.
Participants included: Professor Jasser Auda, CILE deputy director, Dr Jonas Otterbeck, of Lund University in Sweden, and Canadian script writer and filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz.
CILE, a member of the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, specialises in Islamic legislation and ethical thought with a main focus on applied principles.
Professor Tariq Ramadan, director, CILE, talked about the philosophy and objectives of the center and its importance for the renewal of the contemporary Islamic thought and applied ethics in general.
The CILE director felt that what is really needed to address the issues of modern world is transformational reform, which involves reforming the real on-ground situation in the light of Islamic principles and the targets of the law.
CILE, a member of Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), aims to gather the "scholars of the text with the scholars of the context", and to reach out to a global and mixed audience of scholars, experts, students and the general public.