CILHICentral Identification Laboratory in Hawaii (US Army)
CILHIComplementary Incomplete Lipschitz-Hankel Integral
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However, since the organization had no recovery teams of its own, recovery operations were always conducted by CILHI personnel, with the two agencies working together in the field.
Meanwhile, a 10-member CILHI team excavated a site in Retie, Belgium, where a C-47 Skytrain from the 9th Troop Carrier Command was shot down in the fall of 1944.
Approximately five times a year the CILHI sends two teams to North Korea.
In general, when local people discover evidence of remains from World War II, CILHI sends a team to investigate and prepare for excavation.
By the time of its consolidation with JTF-FA, CILHI had been able to identify more than 1,100 sets of remains.
During the operation, other CILHI team members scouted another C-46 WWII-crash site for a future recovery mission.
In Southeast Asia, JTF and CILHI personnel form 10--to 13-member teams that work together.
At many of the excavation sites in Southeast Asia, CILHI and JTF-FA members expose themselves to unexploded ordnance, poisonous snakes, malaria and other diseases and difficult terrain.
There CILHI forensic specialists recovered remains they believe to be those of a seven-man crew of a U.