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CILINCentre de Coordination Inter-régional de la Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales
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For improving the efficiency of FPMAX, we use TongYiCi CiLin and string match to compress the FP-tree.
TongYiCi CiLin is a Chinese semantic dictionary of synonyms and related words, which organizes all words as a five-layer hierarchical tree.
TongYiCi CiLin maps an atomic word group into a code: the first layer and the fourth layer are capital letters, the second layer is a lowercase letter, and the third layer and the fifth layer are integers.
The word groups in TongYiCi CiLin are used as nodes instead of words in vocabulary network.
Os dois sistemas continuarao disputando a atencao do publico ate o fim d a decada de 1 920, quando os cilin dros e seus aparelhos deixam de se r fabricados e os discos passam a ser o sistema dominante (Franceschi, 1984 e 2002).