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CILLAConference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America (University of Texas)
CILLACenter for Indigenous Languages of Latin America (University of Texas at Austin)
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Hear me," he cried, "O god of the silver bow, that protectest Chryse and holy Cilla and rulest Tenedos with thy might, hear me oh thou of Sminthe.
Cilla, 72, died following a fall at her Spanish home near Estepona in August when she suffered a "traumatic head injury".
Cilla died in August at her home in Estepona, Spain.
I can't think of Cilla in the past tense, it just seems outrageous," Sir Cliff told mourners, before singing his own song, Faithful One, in tribute.
Retired builder Frank McKenna, 71, who went to school with Cilla, placed a home-made Scotland Road street sign on the hearse - a reference to her childhood on the tough streets of Everton.
Brenda said: "A passenger from Liverpool came up to me and told me that Cilla had died and I thought he was joking.
Although Brenda admits Cilla has been a "big part" in her life, she has no plans to retire from performing on the cruises every month.
The actor, who plays Ken Barlow in the long-running soap, revealed he saw the Blind Date presenter Cilla shortly before she died.
Yet, she wasn't nervous, she was distracted - by an attractive, dark-haired woman, giving Cilla glanc-es which quickly be-came gazes.
Cilla would likely laugh at getting a Sainsbury's logo instead of a Blue Plaque.
Almost 40 years later, docker's daughter Cilla was still the star attraction, arriving in the Bullring on September 13, 2003, to sign copies of her new book, What's It All About?