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Based on the network and modular analysis, seven (ADORA3, TLR7, IRF4, CCR4, RTN1, GAPT, and GRAP2) and ten (GNAO1, ISM1, CILP, SLIT2, SCRG1, TNFAIP8L3, hsa-mir-183, sa-mir-942, MIR345 and HCG18) candidate factors with top significance of COX univariate regression were identified in the yellow and turquoise module, respectively.
Therefore, the remaining seven identified factors including three genes in yellow module (RTN1, GAPT, GRAP2) and five factors in turquoise module (CILP, SCRG1, TNFAIP8L3, MIR345 and HCG18) could be new factors related to survival of GC.
The content of collagen type II, proteoglycan (PG), cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP), fibronectin protein (FN), thrombospondin (TSP), and cartilage intermediate layer protein (CILP) in ACVs from a normal person is much higher than that from OA patients.
Asimismo se encuentra que organismos regulatorios mas autonomos y calculos de acceso con base en CILP (Costo Incremental de Largo Plazo) son conducentes a un cargo de terminacion para redes de telefonia movil mas bajo.
Tambien se sugiere, a raiz de estos resultados, que las metodologias de acceso para esquemas de desagregacion de red y de acceso a los servicios de interconexion de los operadores dominantes esten basadas en una metodologia CILP. La reciente emitida resolucion de interconexion aplica esta idea para la determinacion de las tarifas de interconexion de operadores dominantes.
(12.) See, Inter-Cantonal Convention on the Supervision, Licencing and Distribution of Profits from the lotteries and betting operated at the inter-Cantonal level or in the whole territory of Switzerland, dated January 7, 2005 (Convention intercantonale sur la surveillance, l'autorisation et la repartition du benefice de loteries et paris exploites sur le plan intercantonal ou sur l'ensemble de la Suisse (CILP), du 7 janvier 2005), text in French is available at: (last visited Oct.
Discovered in 1998, CILP had been implicated in osteoarthritis and some other degenerative cartilage diseases.
In these tests, normal CILP slowed the activity of another protein, called TGF-[beta]1, that normally regenerates cartilage matrix tissue, the team reports.
A joint team of the government-affiliated Riken Laboratory for Bone and Joint Diseases and Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University compared CILP genes in 467 patients with lumbar disc disease with a control group of 654 healthy people.
The researchers found that those with a genetic variation of CILP were 1.6 times more likely to suffer from the musculoskeletal disorder.