CILPCartilage Intermediate Layer Protein (biochemistry)
CILPConvention on International Law and Politics
CILPCenter for Information Law and Privacy (University of California, Davis)
CILPCurrent Index to Legal Periodicals
CILPCurrent Issues in Language Planning (journal)
CILPCentre for Innovation Law and Policy (University of Toronto; Canada)
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Tambien se sugiere, a raiz de estos resultados, que las metodologias de acceso para esquemas de desagregacion de red y de acceso a los servicios de interconexion de los operadores dominantes esten basadas en una metodologia CILP.
10) Se asume que desagregacion de red, autonomia del organo regulador y calculos con base en CILP son exogenas.
In these tests, normal CILP slowed the activity of another protein, called TGF-[beta]1, that normally regenerates cartilage matrix tissue, the team reports.
A search for drugs inhibiting the binding of CILP to TGF-[beta]1 will be a key to develop this treatment," says Junya Toguchida of Kyoto University in Japan.
A joint team of the government-affiliated Riken Laboratory for Bone and Joint Diseases and Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University compared CILP genes in 467 patients with lumbar disc disease with a control group of 654 healthy people.
The researchers found that those with a genetic variation of CILP were 1.