CIMCAInternational Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modelling Control and Automation
CIMCAComputational Intelligence for Modeling Control and Automation (international conference; IEEE)
CIMCACanadian Independent Medical Clinics Association
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Two conferences are represented in the couple thousand pages of this hefty two-volume set: The International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Modeling, Control & Automation (CIMCA 2005), and the jointly held International Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies and Internet Commerce (IWATIC 2005).
While every one of the cases provides much instructive analysis, I found the story of CIMCA (Integral Training for Peasant Women) and its persistence in finding ways to build self-respect and leadership capacity among poor indigenous women particularly compelling.
So far, there has been relatively limited use of SOMs in the field of marketing and strategy: two documented examples are Serrano Cimca's (1998) examination of strategic groupings among Spanish savings banks, and Mazanec's (1995) work on the positioning of luxury hotels.