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CIMECommittee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises (OECD)
CIMECentro Internazionale Matematico Estivo
CIMECertified Independent Medical Examiner (American Board of Independent Medical Examiners)
CIMECentre Interdisciplinaire de Microscopie Electronique (French: Interdisciplinary Center of Electron Microscopy; Switzerland)
CIMEComputer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
CIMEComitato Italiano Movimento Europeo (Italian: International Committee for European Migration)
CIMECursus Intégré pour la Mobilité des Étudiants (French: Integrated Curriculum for Student Mobility)
CIMECreativity and Innovation in Micro-Enterprises (EU)
CIMECentral Institute on Mechanical Engineering
CIMECoppell International Music Exchange (Coppell, TX)
CIMECenter for International Media Ethics (est. 2007)
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El mexicano Juan Matus, que colaboraba con la CIME, sugirio conseguir que se permitiera abrir cuentas bancarias con una tarjeta consular de identificacion y el numero de contribuyente del IRS en vez de un numero del Seguro Social.
CIME Forum was organized for the first time in Pakistan, jointly with renowned journalists, academicians and students of different journalism institutions across the country.
Business leaders in the CIME industries have faced tremendous uncertainty in the face of industry-shaping technologies and have been lacking a playbook to guide their strategies.
The CIME has appointed Mishals Director Content, Puruesh Chaudhary as its Ambassador to Pakistan on Media Ethics.
The VIVIAN project, a two-year advanced development project within the European ITEA (Information Technology For European Advancement) framework, was officially kicked-off in Helsinki earlier this year and CIME has now officially started the project, together with French partners Memodata, INRIA and INT.
The Center for International Media Ethics - CIME has appointed Mishals Director Content, Puruesh Chaudhary as its Ambassador to Pakistan on Media Ethics.
As the first educational organization to be involved in online learning in India and the rest of Asia, we at CIME feel extremely buoyant about our partnership with Test.
It is a joint venture between CIME SA de CV of Mexico, owned by the CFC group, a leader in oil and gas engineering and construction, and Dragados Offshore of Spain, a specialist in offshore platforms.
The EPFL intends two transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and scanning electron microscopes two (SEM) to obtain, which are in Sion Campus and the EPFL and installed in the electron microscopy center CIME.
The requirements of the EPFL and the specific objectives of the scientifc CIME be taking into account, focus on spectroscopic investigations with the aid of cathodoluminescence set (KL):
Into consideration the needs of the EPFL and particular scientific objectives of the CIME, particular importance will be given to spectroscopic measurements in cathodoluminescence (CL) for: