CIMFChronic Idiopathic Myelofibrosis
CIMFCorellian Intergalactic Mercenary Force (gaming)
CIMFCentre for International Macroeconomics and Finance (University of Cambridge; England, UK)
CIMFCanadian International Motorcycle Festival
CIMFComputer-Integrated Manufacturing Framework
CIMFConsolidated Intermediate Maintenance Facility
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These common non-CML MPDs (PV, ET, CIMF) share a high incidence of the acquired point mutation (V617F) in the JAK2 kinase,12 a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase important in hematopoietic proliferation.
At 24 h postmortem, a 3.2 mm slice of the loin beginning from the 10th- to the 11th-rib interface was analyzed for CIMF using Bligh and Dyer's method (1959).
Significant breed differences for CIMF and UIMF were observed in this study, with the Duroc breed having higher IMF than the Berkshire, Landrace, and Large White breeds (p < 0.05).
Here we report a CIMF case with multiple complex cytogenetic abnormalities and poor outcome to emphasize the significance of cytogenetic studies in patients with this disease.
It may be difficult to obtain a representative sample from patients with CIMF because the bone marrow is fibrotic in this disease and the cells that are obtained have low proliferative capacity in vitro (4), (6).
The trial is designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of SB1518 in patients with CIMF and is expected to enrol up to 50 patients.
We believe this compound may eventually provide oncologists with a much needed and improved option to treat patients suffering from CIMF."
Although some features overlapping with CIMF were present in our cases, the steroid responsiveness manifested in normalization of blood counts and partial regression of splenomegaly is the unifying feature in all three cases that strongly favors the diagnosis of AIMF.
In Table 3, we present a comparison between the salient features of CIMF and PAIMF reported in the literature and those revealed in our cases.