CIMHCalifornia Institute for Mental Health
CIMHCaribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (Barbados)
CIMHCentre for International Mental Health (University of Melbourne; Carlton, Victoria, Australia)
CIMHComputers In Mental Health
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Whether you suffer from Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Infertility or high blood pressure, Acupuncture is amazingly effective and at CIMH it is 97% effective.
For more information about CIMH and integrative medicine, please visit www.
Located in Providence, Rhode Island, CIMH has a 97% success rate and thousands of satisfied patients.
As a national leader in integrative medicine, CIMH embraces prevention to help patients avoid many of the common chronic diseases and lifestyle-related conditions that are typically treated with costly prescription medicines.
CIMH doctors focus on preventing disease, rather than masking symptoms with drugs.
For more information on the benefits of integrative medicine and CIMH, please visit www.
Through integrative medicine, a combination of Western medicine and treatments based in Oriental medicine, CIMH doctors address the causes of chronic pain, illness, obesity and disease with proven natural methods, not by masking symptoms with medication and extraneous treatments.
Our VSI platform allows for CIMH doctors to receive and review patient information before they come in for their initial free consultation.
Located in Providence, Rhode Island, CIMH has the highest success rate and thousands of satisfied patients.
As medical director of CIMH, the nation's leading and most advanced integrative medicine clinic, Dr.
With over 40 years of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine expertise, CIMH is advocating for and setting the highest level of standards for this up-and-coming-yet ancient-area of healthcare.
To further advance the availability and convenience of CIMH Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture treatments, Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing developed an exclusive Virtual Symptom Indicator(TM).